The Self

A Thematic Compilation by Avi Sion

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Sections in each chapter


1.         Chapter One

1.         Consciousness is a Relation

2.         Kinds of Consciousness

3.         The Mind

4.         Popular Psychology


2.         Chapter Two

1.         Self or Soul

2.         Self-Knowledge


3.         Chapter Three

1.         To Be Or Not To Be

2.         The Self

3.         Factors of the “Self”

4.         Identification-With

5.         Fallacious Criticisms of Selfhood

6.         What “Emptiness” Might Be


4.         Chapter Four

1.         Cultural Context and Epist. Considerations

2.         Theoretical Context

3.         Stages in the Process of Volition

4.         The Scope of Freewill


5.         Chapter Five

1.         The Ego Abhors a Vacuum

2.         Ungluing the Mind

3.         Abstract vs. Concrete Self

4.         Sundry Reflections on the Soul and God


6.         Chapter Six

1.         The Individual Self in Monism

2.         The Impression of Self


7.         Chapter Seven

1.         Not an Essence, but an Entity

2.         Distinguishing the Ego

3.         Dismissing the Ego


8.         Chapter Eight

1.         The Self or Soul

2.         Descartes’ Mind-Body Dichotomy

3.         Buddhist Denial of the Soul


9.         Chapter Nine

1.         Awareness of Self

2.         Meditation on the Self

3.         Behold the Mind

4.         The Buddhist No-Soul Theory

5.         Self and Enlightenment


10.       Chapter Ten

1.         My Own Phenomenological Reading

2.         A More Orthodox Psychological Reading

3.         The Metaphysical Aspects

4.         In Conclusion


Main References




1.         Material, mental and spiritual domains

2.         Three types of continuity

3.         Mapping the process of volition

4.         How momentary subjects and objects give rise to abstractions

5.         Matter, mind and spirit presented as three dimensions of existence


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