The Self

A Thematic Compilation by Avi Sion

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Sections in each chapter


1.         Chapter One

1.         Consciousness is a Relation

2.         Kinds of Consciousness

3.         The Mind

4.         Popular Psychology


2.         Chapter Two

1.         Self or …

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9. Behold the Self


1.     Awareness of Self

The philosophical idea of Monism is of utility to meditation. When the philosopher proposes that matter, mind and spirit must eventually be One, he/she does so because this theory seems like a logical conclusion from all the data of experience and thought. But…

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10. Critique of the Buddhist Five Skandhas doctrine


In this essay, I critically comment on the Buddhist ‘five skandhas’ doctrine. This doctrine is attributed to the Buddha himself and considered as a core belief of Buddhism[1]. However, in my humble opinion, in view of its evident intellectual limitations, this doctrine should not be give…

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Main References


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Brazier, Caroline.  Buddhist Psychology.  London: Robinson, 2003.

Bhagavad-Gita, The Song…

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